Health and Skin Care Tips For Summer 2019

Health tips for summer

Start your summer off right with these health tips for summer 2019.

While summer may provide some relief from cold and chilly days, it may also cause various health issues such as dehydration, stomach upset, bacterial infections, heat stroke, etc.

Sun exposure, sweat, and rising temperature can have different effects on your skin.

This summer season, some small steps can help you keep a check of your health and skin.

Here is a guide for you, during the summer season to take care of your skin and health.

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Skin Care Tips for Summer

The scorching heat, pollution, moisture, etc. wipe it off the natural glow and sometimes invites infections.

Here are the top tips you can follow this season to avoid all these hassles and keep your skin radiating like before.

Make fruits your best friends

This summer, fruits are the best and most natural way to look after your skin. During the summer season, there are so many fruits available.

These fruits can be consumed charged with water and antioxidants. You can also make and apply a fruit face pack on your skin.

Drink lots of water

Water is fantastic for skin. Water will help you to flush out toxins from your body that will give your face a natural glow.

Consumption of sufficient water will also keep you hydrated and healthy in your stomach. It is going to keep your skin soft and healthy.

Must use Sunscreen Cream

Make sunscreen a compulsory element during summertime in your skincare routine. Before you step out, apply the moisturizer properly.

Choose the most suitable sunscreen for your skin. You should also keep a sunscreen with you and reapply it whenever needed.

Minimum makeup

Do not use makeup layers during the summer season. With the makeup, heat and sweat can react negatively, which can cause skin problems for you.

Try using makeup with SPF as well. During the summer season, never forget to moisturize your skin and lips.

Exfoliation is must

You can accumulate pollution, dirt and dead skin cells on your skin. To keep your skin clear, exfoliation must be done.

Use a scrub to scrub your skin. Twice or three times a week, you should exfoliate your skin. It will maintain healthy skin.

Wear the right febrics

The heat can sensitize your skin. You should choose the right skin-friendly fabric that does not irritate your skin.

For the summer season, choose cotton and other light fabrics.

Health Tips for Summer

Staying healthy this summer is all about simplicity. Here are easy tips to keep in mind in order to keep your health in check this summer.

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Hygiene is the key to a healthy body

Make sure you are clean and hygienic whatever you eat or drink on. In restaurants and even at home, you are prone to get bacterial infections from utensils.

Always make sure that they are clean before eating and always wash your hands.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat with essential fatty acids that help resist UV damage to the skin.

These fatty acids are also part of the cell membranes that keep your body losing moisture in the summer by heat and sweat.

Consume about 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily or add it to a healthy salad or fish dish to get all those essential fatty acids to protect your skin and keep it soft.

Eat more cooling foods

Load up more foods that refresh your body and hydrate more foods that will help keep your heat going.

Eat more watermelon, sesame, water from coconut, cucumber, mint, seeds from fennel, etc.

Downsize your meal

Digesting food plus the hot weather does not allow you to load up on too many foods takes longer for the stomach.

It’s good not having heavy meals, especially at night, but having lighter meals.

Keep up the exercise regime

Before hiding those running shoes in the wardrobe, remember that due to the rising temperatures, summer exercise doesn’t have to stop.

Change your exercise plan and take it indoors instead of working outdoors. Join a gym, take a step class, or for an afternoon of exercise DVDs get a group of friends around.

Stay Shady

We all love the summer heat, but whenever possible it is important to stay in the shade.

When UV exposure is at its peak, try to limit your time in direct sunshine between 10 am and 4 pm.

Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure if you’re going to be outdoors.

Also, wearing a hat and sunglasses whenever possible is a good idea.

These tips will ensure a happy and healthy you and your glowing skin! Happy Summers!

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