When Women have High Sexual Desire

When Women have High Sexual Desire

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are hormones that affect the performance and sexual desire of a woman.

The most influential hormone when it comes to sexual desire is testosterone.

Although it is often considered to be a male hormone, testosterone — like estrogen — is present in both men and women, although the gender ratios vary.

Testosterone is produced in women through the operation of the adrenal glands — two small glands near the kidneys — and the ovaries.

There is a common perception of sex that men need more sex than women.

On certain days, Women have High Sexual Desire for sex as men. If you know about these days, you can definitely make your sexual life even more romantic.

Keep in mind

Before you can have intercourse with a partner, it is important to know that most of the women who reach the age of 30-40 are less interested in sex.

The expert explains the reasons for the increasing burden of expectations on them.

It is, therefore, necessary to share their responsibilities so that they can share romantic moments with you.

Need more affection during periods

Most of the women abstain from intercourses in the days of periods. This is true in terms of sexual hygiene.

It does not mean that you are not close to them. Rather, these days, they want to be closer to the partner because of physical mental changes.

High desire after 5-7 days

According to sexologist, women have high sexual desire in sex mood, five to seven days after the completion of the monthly periods.

In research on women, a large number of women researched brain waves, which found that sex is more enjoyable in five to seven days of the monthly period.

According to this research conducted on women, every woman is eager to have 5-7 days of relationships after her periods Also, they have a lot of desire to have intercourse even after periods are over.

Reason of desire

Research has brought out that the rapid wake up of sex in women is natural after the menstrual period, as the chances of conception increases in the days to come.

Hope you now know from this article that why and When Women have High Sexual Desire for sex. Any queries please comment below.

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