Physical Healing after Miscarriage

Healing After Miscarriage

Physical Healing after Miscarriage, I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago.  I knew it would be hard emotionally getting through day-to-day, but I really didn’t think of how it would take a toll on me physically.  I just assumed that I could just get back to my normal activities.  Boy was I wrong!

Now, I know you don’t want to be told that you have to wait a couple of months.  Believe me, I didn’t want to either.  But because you have those hormones still lingering in your body, if you try within 6 months of your miscarriage, it actually should be rather easy to conceive again. 

My midwife told me I should wait for 2 months.  This calculation will be different for everyone, it just depends on how long you were pregnant.

How To Prevent Infection after Miscarriage

One thought that popped in my head during everything was my cycle.  The onset of bleeding would be considered the first day of your “period” and usually lasts up to a week.  During this time, you need to be careful because you’re more prone to infection. Be sure to:

  1. Use pads instead of tampons.
  2. Don’t go into swimming pools or hot tubs
  3. Do not douche
  4. Take showers instead of baths
  5. Do not have sexual intercourse

I never got a D&C.  I wanted to wait and see how my body would handle everything.  The earlier you are in pregnancy, the better the chance your body will expel everything.  

If you’re unsure, definitely talk to your healthcare provider.  I just felt more comfortable doing it at home and I’ve never had gynecological complications before.

So once that was taken care of, my next question was: When can I try again? After losing all of that blood, it does take some time to build it back up again.  

After being pregnant for almost 3 months, it was quite a shock that it ended so fast.  I really liked the feeling of being pregnant and I wanted to try again soon.  But, what I’ve learned is to really take time for yourself. Your body has much to do with healing.

You may not feel sick, but you still have a lot of crazy things going on in your body.  The major thing I noticed was that I was absolutely drained.  So what I focused on was eating foods that would build up my hemoglobin again.

Ways You Can Help Speed The Healing after Miscarriage

Here are the most powerful miscarriage recovery diet tips that help in speedy healing after a miscarriage. 

  • Continue to take your prenatal vitamins
  • Get plenty of iron.  These foods are full of it: red meat (in moderation), nuts, whole grains, dark leafy greens,  molasses
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  I drank plenty of water and even coconut water
  • Eat fruits. Raisins, prunes, dried figs, apricots, apples, grapes, and watermelons not only flow through the red blood cells but also increase blood count. To attract iron, citrus fruits such as oranges, lime, and grapefruit help. They play a major role in increasing the amount of blood.
  • Try some herbs.  The 3 herbs that are most beneficial are Withania, Dong Quai, and Nettle Leaf
  • Juice! Chlorophyll has nearly the exact same hemoglobin chemical makeup. Because the chemical makeup is nearly identical, chlorophyll can be converted to hemoglobin quickly and easily. The fresh organic carrot, beet and beet greens juice dramatically increases the number of red blood cells in the body (especially dark leafy vegetables). They have extraordinary properties to build blood 

How To Improve Your Chance of Never Miscarrying

I had a friend recommend this to me.  She had 3 miscarriages, one after the other.  After the third, she simply could not get pregnant.  After a year went by, she went to a fertility doctor and they basically told her she was out of luck.  

A midwife recommended these two things for her: Womb Kind and Welcome Womb from  You can take Womb Kind before you get pregnant.  Take it twice a day.  Within a month of taking this, my friend conceived!  

Once you’re pregnant, start taking Welcome Womb.  This is more of what I was looking for to make sure I didn’t miscarry again.  Take that twice a day.  Then after 3 months, you can lower it to once a day, and then none when you feel comfortable. 

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