Who Needs Surgery for Stretch Marks?

surgery for stretch marks

Surgery for stretch marks? Is it really worth it? Well, beauty is only skin deep. 

Remember that whole spiel we all heard growing up? Does it even hold and value these days? From the way I see it, people everywhere are striving like mad to look their absolute best, regardless of the cost or pain involved. 

The plastic surgery industry is booming like never before. Now, this could have to do with all the modern breakthroughs and procedures currently offered, but I believe it has more to do with the pressure put on by the media.

Just look at all the women getting surgery for stretch marks. I’d think this would be the last of their worries. After all, we reside in a world full of fatal disease and illness. How do stretch marks require such urgency?

We have mixed priorities. I’m speaking on humans in general. 

Cosmetic beauty has become more imperative to us than even our own health. I totally believe this. My daughter tans regularly. I constantly notify her that this can certainly lead to cancer. She has no worries about it. 

Then just last week I told her that tanning is aging her skin rather quickly. This statement caused some concern. After all, she doesn’t want to look old. Isn’t that funny? Beauty takes precedence over health. 

Then there is my wife. She would like surgery for stretch marks. She has given birth to three children and nursed them all. Naturally, she has some stretch marks. Now, for all the women or even men out there, who have stretch marks, you probably already know that surgery is basically the only remedy that works. 

Although I can’t relate to my wife and how she acquired her stretch marks, I would prefer her to remain the way she is. However, in the end, surgery for stretch marks is really her call.

I have flaws of my own. In fact, everyone does! Personally, I consider many of these ‘imperfections’, simple distinctions in our beauty and character. 

No one is expected to be perfect. If you actually were, you’d be An anomaly evidently. Therefore surgery for stretch marks is about as necessary as surgery for freckles.

Get the picture? Be proud of the way you look, and the minute imperfections you bare.

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