Top 5 habits for Infertility Causes in Male

infertility causes in male

The fertility of men across the world in decreasing which results in Infertility Causes in Male is rapidly increasing. The reason for this is that nowadays there are some bad habits of men besides modern lifestyle and bad food.

Due to bad habits which lead to infertility causes in male, not only affects the health of men, but the quality of their sperm is also poor, which can have a bad effect on their fertility at an early age.

To avoid these mistakes, you also need to know everyday habits that can affect your fertility.

So let’s find out the top habits or the lifestyle that lead to
infertility causes in male

laptop Addiction

The world is growing rapidly towards digitization. Nowadays almost every person uses devices like mobile and laptop. But do you know that these devices can affect your fertility?

Yes, if you are used to keeping the laptop in the lap or to keep the laptop in the lap for long periods of time watching movie-videos, be careful because it can weaken your fertility.

In fact, keeping the laptop in the lap, the temperature of the testicles increases, so that the quality of your sperms can get worse in the long run.

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Hot Shower

Bathing with hot water affects your health in a number of ways. Hot water dehydrates your skin, causing a risk of early wrinkles. Apart from this, it also spoils your digestion.

But do you know that bathing with hot water affects your reproductive capacity? Actually, the temperature of the testicles should be lower than the whole body, so they hang them out of the body.

But bathing in hot water, along with the entire body, their temperature increases, so that sperms are affected.

By adding a little hot water in the winter, the temperature of the water can be normal but it should not exceed 25-26 degrees Celsius (room temperature).

Insufficient sleep

Good sleep for 6-7 hours is essential for all of us. If you do not get enough sleep, then there may be many problems.

Insufficient sleep makes your immune system weak so that you are more in contact with different infections and diseases.

Apart from this, it also affects your reproductive ability, so set a time for daily sleep and complete sleep.

Stress and Depression

The tension of job and study, competition for the forefront and for many reasons nowadays many people are becoming victims of stress and depression.

Mental stress and depression also affect your reproductive ability and this reduces the quality of your sperm. So keep the stress away from yourself.

For this, you can take the help of yoga, meditation, exercise, etc. Also, talking to friends and companions is also a good way to remove stress.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Cigarette and alcohol consumption can give you many serious and deadly diseases, you know it.

But tell you that cigarettes and alcohol also affect your hormones, which increases the risk of impotence in men.

Therefore it is very important to stay away from these habits.


Among the multiple potential risk factors that could impair male fertility are the major lifestyle factors discussed in this review.

However, behavior modification and better lifestyle choices may well overcome their negative impact.

Between couples seeking conception, greater awareness and recognition of the potential impact of these lifestyle factors are important.

Certain occupations including welding or those involving prolonged sitting, such as truck driving, may be associated with a risk of infertility.

However, the research to support these links is mixed.

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